Seamless Strides: Pinch and Bengaluru Sports Foundation’s Event Tech Integration

Seamless Strides: Pinch and Bengaluru Sports Foundation’s Event Tech Integration

The vibrant streets of Bangalore recently pulsated with the rhythm of pounding feet, not the usual IT hustle. Pinch, the innovative event planning startup, joined forces with the passionate organisers of Bengaluru Sports Foundation to host two free running events called Odona Banni, and the response was nothing short of electrifying!

But this wasn’t just any collaboration. Bengaluru Sports Foundation, a Bangalore sports institution, has been the driving force behind these events for some time. They possessed the passion, the community, and the local know-how, but their registration and check-in processes relied on good old Google Forms – a system that, while functional, lacked the efficiency and engagement Pinch could offer. Imagine: runners juggled two google forms, entering details twice. While organisers faced the tedious task of manually transferring data between them which is error prone.

That’s where we stepped in, armed with our user-friendly event planning platform. Pinch streamlined the entire experience, from effortless registration to smooth check-in through their mobile.

Pinch understands that events are about more than just logistics. Pinch also integrated a photo sharing feature, allowing participants to capture and share their memories. Creating a vibrant online community around the runs.

The results? Both runs saw an explosion of participation, with runners of all ages and abilities coming together to celebrate their love for running. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, praising the seamless technology integration that made the experience effortless and engaging.

This successful collaboration marks a new chapter for Pinch. We are committed to bringing innovative and accessible events to everyone, partnering with local communities and event organisers like Bengaluru Sports Foundation to create unique and unforgettable experiences.

So, what’s next?

More running events: Get ready for races with varying distances and difficulty levels, catering to all fitness preferences. Follow Odona Banni on Instagram.

Community collaborations: Pinch is teaming up with other communities, expanding their reach and offering even more diverse experiences. Reach out if you are one.

Tech upgrades: Exciting new features are on the horizon for the Pinch platform, personalising your event experience and making it even more enjoyable with Reminders, Leaderboard.

Join us as we partner with amazing communities and event organisers, and unlock exciting new features on our user-friendly platform.

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Seamless Strides: Pinch and Bengaluru Sports Foundation’s Event Tech Integration
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